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Episode 10 | Spirits

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Spirits are supernatural entities that have been used to explain the unexplainable. These creatures prevent naught children from wandering into the woods on their own. TW: Child/baby death is mentioned in the episode

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • The Churile of Guyana

cartoon image of the churile of guyana. woman with dark face and light body and long black hair . black background with full moon for By The Fire Podcast episode 10

  • The Eloko of Zaire

cartoon image of eloko of zaire, green monster with leafy hair, beard and holding bell, red eyes and fangs for By The Fire Podcast episode 10

  • The Douen of Trinidad and Tobago

image of the douen of trinidad and tobago 3 children without eye and not wearing clothes. spirits with feet facing backwards for By The Fire Podcast episode 10

  • The Rolling Calf of Jamaica

image of rolling calf of jamaica with fiery eyes and white horns for By The Fire Podcast episode 10

  • Moral vitalism

  • And more!

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